Manage data from one central source

Manage data from one central source

Bona Red’s Convergence provides a user interface that allows Contractors determine what controls apply to their systems, breaks down the controls into manageable segments for documentation, provides management and tracking of problematic controls and reports the security posture of systems that aligns with requirements

3rd Party Validation

3rd Party Validation

Bona Red’s Convergence allows for third party validation and verification of controls that helps demonstrated due diligence and system effectiveness

Easy Processes

Easy Processes

Bona Red’s Convergence creates an easy process that documents how controls are implemented, manages control implementations, monitors operations and effectiveness of controls and provides reports for compliance and management

Bona Red’s Convergence

takes a do it your-self approach that provides Contractors and Companies a system to document, manage and monitor security controls that meet statutory and regulatory requirements.
A contractor creates a company account within Convergence. The Contractor then registers Users and assigns roles for each user. Users then answer questions regarding the IT Systems and the type of data that is processed, stored and transmitted by the system(s). When the questionnaire is completed interfaces for each user role are established that simplifies, tracks, manages, monitors and reports status, key performance indicators and compliance.
Bona Red’s Convergence is offered as a web based application, SaaS, Software as a Service and we have the ability to offer Bona Red’s Convergence On Premises, for those who desire that ability.


The system demystifies compliance requirements


Provides systematic control documentation interface


Provides systematic control reporting


Stores Artifacts


Integrates for easy Third party certification and auditing


Track your work progress


Import and export data easily

All in One

Your files in one place

One Package for 3 years

Per Package
  • Account Creation
  • Authorizing Official
  • CTO / CIO
  • System Owner
  • ISSM
  • ISSO
  • Assessor
  • Validator
  • Final Certification

Service Contract / SLA’s for 3 years

Per Two (2) Packages

    Final Certification

    Per Package
    • Review & Issuance

    Entity Creation

    Per Customer
    • Fee per Company / Agency

    C-Level / Information Systems Security Manager / ISSO

    Per Month
    • All 3 accounts included at this price

    Authorizing Official, System Owner and Assessor

    Per Month
    • All 3 accounts included at this price

    Validator or Auditor for Each Package (standard fee)

    Per Month
    • Per Validator

    Technical Support starting at

    Per Month
    • Enroll Your Company

    Discounts for 5 or more packages

    Please Inquire
    Per Client
    • SAAS is available

    Staffing Clarifications:

    Any staff or Company you hire to assist in your certification is at your own expense.

    3rd Party Validation

    If you need assistance in located a company to Assess or Validate your systems, we can help.


    We also provide training for a small fee

    Important Information

    All fees above are tax deductible, if you qualify, Bona Red is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization, our purpose is to provide technical support and analysis with Information Technology.

    All fees are subject to Sales Tax, and the sales tax is not considered deductible.

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